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LG does not honour the 3 year swap guarantee and waste customer time by giving them wrong collection date. My LG W2243S monitor had very, very little use on my back up computer since I bought it two years ago.

When I did use it just before Christmas, it died after about 10 minutes - no power light showing. I first contacted Tesco Direct who advised me to speak to LG. LG customer service acknowledged that there is a 3 year swap guarantee on the product, but said they don't have a similar model to swap it with. When I pointed out that the warranty states similar or higher spec, they insisted that they don't have anything to replace it with.

I notice that on the internet complaints that this seems to be the standard answer, meaning LG has no intention of ever doing a swap as described in the warranty. What choice did I have? I accepted that they will pick up the monitor today (Thursday). They also made me aware that I may not receive my box back and said that the courier will bring appropriate packaging material along.

A second phone call confirmed pick up on Thursday and asked that someone be available. No time slot could be given. This afternoon at 2.30 I called to confirm that delivery is happening as I have not had any further communication from LG or a courier. The LG representative looked on the system and told me that the "packaging had not left LG" and that collection of the monitor will only happen tomorrow.

I pointed out that I have made special arrangements to be available today and that they have twice confirmed that collection will be today. She said that the packaging will be collected today, as if the mistake was mine. What company would call a customer to say when packaging will be collected?? No, they called to confirm collection.

As I cannot stay home another day, I will now have to try and sort this through the retailer. The final outcome will determine if I will ever buy LG again - at the moment not too hopeful or keen.

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Although they do not honour the swap guarantee, LG did end up fixing the monitor after a confusing process. Nevertheless happy to have it working again.

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