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In September, 2013 (9 months ago) I bought an LG through-the-wall AC unit. This type of unit is supposed to be sturdy since they are sealed in a sleeve in the wall - folks have them for years with no problem.

I used it about a month, then it was covered for the winter, come mid-May I used it for a few weeks, then again in June, and the fan totally broke off inside. After this little use? These aren't cheap. I call LG and someone tells me that someone will be in touch.

A few days, no word. I call back and this person says they can make an appt, why didn't the first person do that? The service guy comes, and has never seen this type of unit before. He identifies that the fan is totally broken, but has no idea how to fix it, and it doesn't come out of the wall since it is sealed in a metal sleeve.

So - he takes pix of it and talks to the company - they inform him that I, the customer, have to remove it from the sleeve to make it "accessible" for him to repair it. They don't replace, no matter how extensive the damage or how new the unit. It's sealed in the wall by professional installers - see the problem? So, I call the folks that installed it and they agreed to come to take it out of the wall.

So They're coming an hour or so before the repair guy is returning, they'll take it out, I cover the hole in the wall, he hopefully repairs it, they return to seal it back in the wall. If the fan was that shoddy that it broke with little use, wouldn't you think maybe something else in there could break? Or that it damaged another part as it was knocking around? But it's my responsibility to get it out of the wall, for a "repair".

They clearly don't stand behind their products and don't care about their customers. I will never buy ANY LG product of any kind again, and will make sure my friends/family/anyone I can get the word to, don't either!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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