Mount Airy, Maryland
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Model LHD459, 2 years old. Stopped working, sealed system issue.

Return to service company 40 miles away. After a few days they also said it was a sealed system issue, come pick it up and LG would replace it. I called LG, they acted like I was starting from zero, and wanted me to take it to a service center.

I faxed all the info and after 2 weeks a 'refurbished' unit arrived. It does work but looking at the issues on line with this product and company, I am not expecting too much performance from the product of the company.

Don't but LG products unless you have free time to run it around for service.

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Have two LG Humidifiers with same problems? Both will not enable adjustment of humidity levels?

Buttons make noise but no lowering or raising of fixed settings?? What does one do??

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