Cleveland, Ohio

I am very disappointed with LG's product and service/warranty. We purchased the LHD459ELT8 unit in late July of 2008, because of the advanced features on this dehumidifier over other brands we had looked at. In addition the stated five year warranties seemed better than most others.

We have kept up with the routine maintenance for a little over one year and then the evaporator froze up on us. The authorized repair center called us after checking it and told us to pick up the unit and wait for instructions from LG on a new replacement,since this unit had a bad evaporator and could NOT be repaired. This seemed strange to us for a relatively new unit, that was not abused, would have such a low serviceability outlook!

After not hearing from LG electronics, I had to contact them at different extensions (transfers)and phone numbers before I was informed that even though I gave their authorized service center all the information, I would have to fax the same information to them at their long distance toll call number! I just received my replacement, a refurbished unit with a poor spray paint job on the top ( must have been to cover up scratches from the "klutz" who owned it before). This replacement dehumidifier has no display for the room humidity level nor does the box state that it has low room temperature operation and LG claims, "that digital display is not available on the newer models nor do they have a replacement unit like my REALLY OLD UNIT" (one year old!).

P.S. The replacement unit is noisy when the compressor "kicks in" and the owner's manual looks like they got it out of a dirty trash bin and has hand written scribbling over it (a real class act!) I never heard of LG Electronics before 2008 and in all likelihood with an experience like this, I won't want to in the future!


Maple Hts. Ohio

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Replacement.

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I am having the exact problem with my LG Dehumidifier. I just contacted LG today about replacing my 2nd unit since 2009.

My advice would be DON'T BUY any more LG products. I will stick with Kenmore.

I had a Kenmore that last about 10 yrs. Bye bye...LG.

Kew East, Victoria, Australia #190131

BTW did you go through the Service Center in Brookpark or Freds Appliance in Madison?

I see we are in the same area.

Kew East, Victoria, Australia #190130

I am on my 4th LHD65EBLY8 in as many years...

First died in infancy,

Second lasted less than a year.

Third lasted about 3 years before developing a oil leak.

The first 2 were replaced by Home Depot (Thanks), however I had to go through the carry in warranty on the third.

LG replaced with a refurb (in acceptable condition), however this leaked oil into the resivor pretty much since the word go... still does the job well though.

LG has reduced the warranty to one year (wonder why??!)but they have been great about honoring this current warranty I don't expect the current one or if replace to last beyond my 5 year annaversary date.

Also have issues with LG's DTV converter box... has issues when my house goes below 65 degrees.

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