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Disgusted with LG for not honoring warranty, repeated delays until the warranty date passed. Intentional?


We purchased a beautiful LG French door refrigerator with bottom freezer. Food in the drawers kept going bad. I called, but they said with no error code there was nothing they could do (whats that fancy Smart Diagnosis feature there for then?). A week later we did get an error code, Yay!

So I called them. Sorry, we need the receipt information (not just date and store) before we will even talk to you. Home Depot was awesome in drudging that up for me. I called back again, receipt info on hand.

Sorry, you need to physically have that receipt. I'm disabled, so Home Depot manager mailed that to me. Wonderful. Then I call, receipt in hand.

"Sorry. This is an unusual issue, not in my system. A supervisor will contact you." No call back, no response despite several calls. Can only use the top shelf of the fridge at this point, anything else goes bad overnight.

I call again, and this time I get an "I'm sorry mam, your warranty expired on the 30th." WTF?!? But it broke well before that warranty expired, and I reported it. "I'm sorry, we have no record that you have ever called us before. But I do see you purchased the extended warranty, you'll have to file your claim with them."

I'm sorry, but delaying a customer long enough (2 1/2 months in this case) for it to be someone else's problem is simply unethical.

I'm absolutely disgusted with LG.

I wish I hadn't purchased so many of their products, because I have zero faith they will honor any warranty issue. Service is horrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

  • LG Smart Diagnostics
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That sucks. :( Guess life isn't so good.

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