I have bought LG washing machine on 8/12/2013 in Perth Western Australia. After 3 weeks of

using one of the three plastic panels attached on the inside of steel drum came off. It was

floating with the washing when I opened the lid. The machine also kept stopping between the

cycles giving an error message. The clips on the back of the panel were broken off. I rang

immediately LG support and there when my nightmare began. After 20 minutes of questioning I

was told that when there something broken off usually it is not under warranty. I was asked

to send the photos which I did. Three days later I rang LG back to be told, that it is not

covered under warranty. I could not believe it!! I have spent almost an hour with

representative trying to reason, but no luck. He tried to insinuate that I have tempered with

the panel trying to lift it with screwdriver. I DID NOT TOUCH OR TEMPERED WITH THIS PANEL. Why would I do that, it's make no sense. I feel cheated and ripped off by LG. I have never experienced such a terrible customer warranty service in my life. This is a mighty LG "life's good". Well, the have made my life terrible. Now I have to fork out $200 for repair, which should be done under warranty. I am very angry about this injustice. I will not

purchase any LG products in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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