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Purchased new at the end of Aug 2010, this dishwasher has been terrible practically from the beginning. From the shoddy install (thanks to Home Depot) until this day, it's been nothing but a problem.

- The machine hasn't cleaned properly in months, leaving us to hand wash dishes b/c they come out dirtier than when they went in (and we rinse WELL prior to loading the racks in accordance with the instructions in the manual). It's been out of commission more than it's been in working order, with 3 repair calls since November:

- We've spent almost 6 weeks waiting on parts and repairs the first time. We called 5 different places, all given to us by LG as contracted repair companies, and NONE would work on their product. I was told that they either couldn't get the parts, or they couldn't get timely payment from LG.

- We spent 4 weeks waiting on their contracted warranty co, who stood me up TWICE leaving me to wait all day only for them not to show up to fix it the second time; and when they finally did replace the pump, they didn't replace a clip leaving it to fall out from under the countertop when the door was opened. Unfortunately, I didn't find this out until the next day when I went to use the machine; AND, the machine still doesn't clean any better than when we started the repair process.

- And a week after the last repair, the entire control panel went dead. I spent 2 weeks waiting on a scheduled repair from the second repair co who didn't return calls, only to have to demand a new warranty company from LG. Another week passed before the newest company came out to repair it. They had to order a part last week and told me they'd probably have it by Wednesday to install and then we could "see" what else is wrong b/c the part may not even solve the problem. Well, the part is backordered from LG and NO ONE knows when it will be in. Somewhere between 5 and 10 business days and months. (I'm not joking about that either!) And the kicker is that they didn't even feel it was necessary to let me know that it was backordered. I only found out b/c I called to find out what was going on. So much for customer service.

- And, now LG is blaming the repair company saying they didn't order their part in a timely manner; the repair company is blaming LG... and I'm stuck in the middle.

LG refused to replace this brand new, expensive lemon of a dishwasher until THEIR repair company says that it can't be fixed. I'm the first to tout a company for doing something right, and usually I hesitate to complain until I utilize every possible source to find resolution. With that said, this has gone too, too far. I don't think it's too much to ask to have a $700 dishwasher work for more than 2 months. All I want is a new dishwasher that actually works!

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And the jury is still out on the phones and TV!


You must have the same POS dishwasher that I do! I will never, ever buy another LG appliance.

I've had mine six months, and when it's not quitting the cycle with an E1 reading, it doesn't get the dishes clean and I have to hand wash every single one. LG might make good TVs and phones, but their appliances SUCK!!

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