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I purchased a top line LG Dishwasher a couple years back, ever since, it has never worked right. It has never cleaned a load of dishes, they always come out with debris etc.

The repairman told me the dishwasher will not heat the water? This should be against the law, Health violation, many dishwashers are so far from the water heater and use so little water they cannot get hot water from the supply, so therfore, the dishwasher just uses luke warm tap water to wash? This particular model also vents steam out of the bottom of door and ruined our wood flooring! I rigged the door switch so I could run with door open, this dishwasher will not spray above the rack "Low water Pressre" from the pump?

It will not even rinse the soap out of the dispenser, after running through heavy duty cycle on sanitary, there is still soap in the dispenser, this is the absolute worst piece of junk I ever purchased and LG refuses to correct the problem!

I even have an extended warranty, the repairman comes out, feeds me a bunch of *** and leaves! This was a $1,000.00 dishwasher, I would readily trade it for a $300.00 wirlpool or actually any brand other than LG!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I fix lots of dishwashers and the biggest problem is poor installations. Very few people install them correctly.

they need to be beside the sink and drain into the same drain as the sink so no siphoning occurs. They also do better when installed slightly leaning to the back (just a few degrees).

Use quality soap - no enviro-friendly ***. make sure water is run hot at the sink before runnin unit 9min 120F degrees - 130-140F is better if you can adjust temp on hot water tank.

hope this helps

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