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Ridiculous manufacturer of kitchen appliances. I purchase a an LG dishwasher (with stove/micro/and refrigerator) from HD in 2007 and within the first

year of use the motor went out and had to be replaced. Okay I guess I could live with that because it was still under warranty.

Next, the hose that removes the dish water (after its wash cycle) cracked. It leaked behind the dishwasher

apparently for months before I noticed. It wasn't until after the crack in the hose became so big that eventually water was on the kitchen floor. After I removed the dw and inspected, the leaky water had accumulated and crept its way up the drywall behind the kitchen cabinets. Yup, I had to remove the rotted

drywall (mil-due) replace and replace the hose (no longer under warranty). Turned out that upon inspection of the hose a simple bend would snap the hose completely (cheap material). Do you think the story is over? Not quite. Next the front door to the dw busted. Upon removal and inspection (by me) two straps that are used for counter balancing the weight of the door had worn and frayed. Again, cheap material and poor engineering. I tried to fix using a replacement but to no avail the nylon string just frayed and broke again. Without this mechanism the door weighs 100 lbs. Well, today is the day that broke the camels back. As my lovely wife just put away her tea cup in the dw, apparently she did not close the door tight enough. As she was walking away the door fell open and crushed her on her Achilles tendon.

This frightened me to no end being that her Achilles was badly scraped not to mention the excruciating

pain she was in. Right now she is lying on the sofa with a bag of ice on her achilles. I do not know if she is badly hurt or if this injury will just leave her with some bruising and discomfort for a few days. It is too early to tell. As you can tell I can not get out my frustration over this poor excuse of a machine and company in just 100 words. Buyer beware. DO NOT BUY LG. As for me, I will be seeking legal counsel

and pursue suing this company under lemon law consumer protection rights.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Replacement.

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Will never buy another lg product. own a dishwasher and fridge and have problems with both of them. had repairman come in for each one and they are still not working properly.


So you don't fix it correctly and she doesn't close it tight & it's there fault? Wow, frivolous lawsuit. *** it gets thrown out of court.

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