I have a LG refrigerator that has a SEALED system problem (cabinet is leaking)and still within the 7 years warranty. I had both SEARS and LG serviceman come for service and tell me it's not repairable.

I just got a call from LG that they will prorate and give me $333. That's non-sense. The User Guide says 'Your LG Refrigerator will be repaired or replaced.' It doesn't tell me anywhere in here that it will be prorated and I get less money than what I paid SEARS ($294.24) and LG ($89.00) for determining the issue. I had SEARS to checkout the refrigerator and after 3 trips, they determined the leak is from the cabinet.

They said I have to go to LG. Called LG and they said they won't take SEARS' word and documentation and I have to get a LG repairman to come and look at it.

The LG guy showed up and told me YEP, that's it and not repairable and should be replaced by LG. LG called me today and they are going to give me less than what I paid for repairmen and to tell them the SEALED system that has 7 yr warranty is bad.

Do not buy LG if that's how they stand behind their warranty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I am facing the same problem. A $2200 shiny {{Redacted}} that stopped cooling after 5 years.

I can't find an authorized dealer anywhere near us and other repairmen do not want to repair it because they say LG does not reimburse them. We have been without a refrigerator for 3 weeks and the last repairman I spoke to told me it is a sealed system problem and that LG would pay for the compressor but the service call is $200 and the labor cost is 450.00. I am stunned and angry.

I have read post after post describing the same issue. This is unbelievable!!!


I’ve read most of the comments here and YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!...LG is garbage I know I’ve made a career out of repairing there fridges it’s been very lucrative for me so I hope they keep making junk I’m looking to but another new car

Novato, California, United States #1239408

LG is the worst customer service in the USA.

Houston, Texas, United States #1155076

Same thing is happening with me. They are saying there's a leak in the cabinet and can not fix.

Unit is 6 years old and has the 7 year warranty.

They're not offering anything. Do Not Buy an LG product!!!


Which models are you guys having trouble with? All the same or different models completely?


Were you able to get anywhere with replacement? Thanks!

Newport Beach, California, United States #1044022

Having the same problem @lgus you should honor your warranties. #LGUSLIES

Opa Locka, Florida, United States #1027757

We purchased a house in June with an LG refrigerator that was new in January 2015. The freezer and then fridge stopped cooling in August.

We called LG and the sent a contract technician, who charged us $110 to tell us that the sealed system is broken and we are not covered by a warranty b/c we are not the original owner. LG and the technician recommended getting a new fridge because they cannot fix it.

We ended up with a Whirlpool.

I'm dumbfounded at how rude and insensitive they were about a fridge that is 7 months old and completely broken. Please no one purchase an LG in the future.


Hi everyone,

My 3 year old $2000 LG french door fridge stopped working yesterday. This is unacceptable, and I recommend you follow the advice here on battling your claim: http://starcraftcustombuilders.com/warranty.game.htm#.VZdo6vlViko

In an nutshell, the warranty that LG tries to hide behind (parts only!) is unenforceable, and that the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose under your state or province's law will win you your case, either against the seller or the manufacturer. Good luck to you all!


I had the same issue. The warranty is very clear--repair or replace.

My LG refrigerator was also not repairable and LG said they would not replace and would pro-rate my refund based upon three years use and a seven year warranty. Beware of buying LG since they do not honor their clear and unambiguous warranty.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #659695

I am having the SaME issue on a 5 year old fridge. We had the LG certified repair people come out 5 times in 5 weeks and LG kept sending wrong parts. Finally repair guy said it can't be fixed because LG stopped making the original compressor and they can't get the replacements to work (which makes it a Sealed System failure under the 7 year part warranty).

LG is now telling me they will give me $400 back (they prorated it for the 5 years I've had it based on the $1800 I paid for it). Ridiculous. this fridge should have lasted 15-20 years and now I am going to have to go buy another fridge and spend my OWN money?! ***.

Also, their customer service is horrible. They are rude and combative. I asked for a supervisor to call me back (thurs at 9 AM) and I had to call them back Mon at 12 to find out why no one called (the supv, I guess there was only one?! was on vacation Fri/Mon). They still didn't call me back and I had to call back AGAIN on Mon at 4:30. Still didn't get a supervisor. Ridiculous that only one supervisor can return a call....so I guess if they leave for a week you get no resolution.

I've been out of a fridge for going on 6 weeks. I will blast the internet with the information that LG screws you on the warranty.

I guess "Life is Good" is only for LG employees!

to Chriss #863414

Same thing happened to me today 08/20/14 and now deemed not repairable, I would be glad to join any class action suites today.....

contact # is 727-230-9772

to Chriss #1630355

All of you are correct. I’m having the same problems with both the LG French Door Refrigerator and Front Loader Washing Machine.

I spend most of my time on the phone with LG amdball I get is the run around. I’m beyond frustrated and angry.

I’ll NEVER buy another LG appliance or any other product for that matter. LG SUCKS!!

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