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I purchased an LG WM2016CW washer 4-1-2007, it has a 10 year warranty on the motor and drum basket. Not covered is the drum support or spider that connects the motor and drum, it failed last week.

It corroded to the point that it cracked and failed, causing the drum to rub on the tub cover ruining it as well. I purchased the front loader for the longevity I was promised by the salesman at Home Depot, I expected more than 5 years for something I payed over $700 for. They won't admit to a poor design and send out a replacement spider and tub cover.

The drum support operates in the water and detergent just like the tub and drum, neither of these parts shows corrosion because they are plastic and stainless steel. I think it is a reasonable expectation that the drum support should be made that it doesn't corrode.

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I also had the spider break and fail. Luckily it did not damage the outer tub. I now have a problem witrh the drive motor.

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