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On January the 8,2013 i went to metropcs and bought a new LG cell phone device 4G motion. LGMS770 model.

Unfortunately after i began to use the phone i started to feel allergies symptoms reaction due to toxic chemicals that device contains. I got more scared went i read also in the LG quick reference guide on page 1 it contains a warning message written in red color:"WARNING:This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling." I immediately stopped using this device and did contact MetroPcs and LG to report this issue. I did speak with Rick from customer services LG.

I did explain to him the issue and Rick told me that all i had to say was that i dont want the device return it and then i will get back my refund. I then told Rick that i will be returning the device by post office the next day because i dont want to put my health at risk anymore. Rick then said okay and he will file a claim and someone from LG will be contacting me. I then went to the post office next day and did send out the device certified mail.

I then saw my new phone another one that i had to buy a voice message from a supervisor from LG asking me to return the call. I then called LG today and got on the phone Valerie an Executive manager of LG. Valerie was not helpfull at all. She was rude and very unprofessional.

I tried to explain to her my situation with the device and she kept interrupting me saying comments such as: " I am now going to take back your phone" "I am not going to return back your refund" " i cant do nothing" "no i am not going to give you back your money" i then got upset and told her but Rick told me that i was going to get my refund as sooner i return my phone and Valerie said " No Rick was wrong, you are not going to get your money back" "you are not covered by the warranty" I said yes i am covered by the warranty because expires within a year and i only had the phone for one week but she wont listen to me she was rude very unprofessional that i had to tell her that if nothing was done i will have to contact a lawyer and she said very rude again: "SURE" I then got more upset and had to get out the phone and then i started searching now for a lawyer to help me out to recover my money back.

Thats not the way to treat customers and i am not goint to give up until LG pay me back my total refund and i do have a witness from metroPcs that the divice from LG it was in fact giving my allergies and she offered to me to be my witness in this issue. Now i can see why LG are having too many complaints,law suit and bad reviews from clients.

Monetary Loss: $149.

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