Lindsay, Ontario
Not resolved

Purchased a washer and dryer. The washer came first and worked great.

The dryer arrived two weeks later. Upon starting it up I heard a loud grating/grinding noise. I re-read the instructions to ensure everything was right, called LG. After answering their questions they told me the best they can do is a service call in one week!

I told the LG rep I was not happy, that it should just be replaced, as it should work right out of the box, if they manage to fix it why should I keep a defective product, also I have no idea when this drier will be actually running ... and its brand new! LG Rep didn't seem to care and couldn't get off the phone fast enough, thats not how you should treat a customer in this situation.

I'm just going to return it and get my money back. Luckily my 25 year old Maytag was working perfect when I pulled it out to put this one in.

It definately does not look as nice BUT IT WORKS, for 25 years ...

I researched before buying and went with LG for quality and customer service. Sorry LG but you blew this one, especially the customer service part.

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