I payed $325 for an LG RC199H dvd/vhs player and recorder at Best Buy. The dvd player worked properly for 2 months.

I called LG over 20 times trying to get them to back up their product. They are a Korean company that sells absolute junk. I purchased my son an LG dvd player in Los Angeles at the same time I got mine. His worked about 4 months and it also will not play dvds now.

I will never purchase another LG product.

I do not know why they are allowed to sell their junk in the US.

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Purchased blu ray lg from frys it stopped working witin a month .customer service rude told their product only worked with their cables not hdmi in other words lg blu ray does not work as blu ray. nastiest company I have ever dealt with. save yourself a nightmare and do not buy


We also purchased a LG dvd/vcr from Frys electronics.What A piece of ***.Sent it in 3 times to be repaired.It still dosen,t work. Now the warranty is almost up and LG wants to forget about the piece of *** we are stuck with.We are out our $300 dollars.We will never ever purchase another LG anything.

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