1. Customer service at LG Electronic will lie to you & giving you wrong info when contacting them on the phone. They told me that i can use 2 Mastercard prepaid credit card to make a payment on a service call, after purchasing a second card because did not have enough to clear the all amount of the charges with only one card, they told me that it should be fine after requesting this specific request to the own customer service department, after returning on the phone and telling me that it was OK with them, i did purchase the extra prepaid credit card to make full payment the next day, then the billing department says to me that they cannot do this with 2 cards. Bottom line; They lied to me and end up buying a prepaid card for nothing.

2. Billing department refuse to produce a proper invoice for a service call via email, telling me that they cannot mentioned what the charges are for on the invoice but just the amount they want me to pay in advance before the service call has actually been done. Bottom line; They want to take money from me without producing or giving me in advance a proper invoice that describes the charges of the service call.

Got my lesson and will never deal or buy any products from this company again, NEVER!

1. Refund the prepaid MasterCard credit card that i had to purchased after the customer representative lied to me on the phone.

2. Make everybody aware about LG Electronic on the web and about their fraudulent Billing Department Service asking immediate payment without providing you before with a proper details description of the charges for their services on the invoice.

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