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Update by user May 26, 2017

I have my refurbished LG G6 device and it is working correctly for now. The thought that it may possibly have the same issue at the next scheduled update or if I reboot the phone is always going to annoy me. The T-Mobile store did charge me the $5 fee to use the...

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Lg Electronics Cell Phone
  • Pricing of the plans
  • Will not do right by the consumer
Reason of review
Damaged or defective
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Full refund
  • deceptive
  • Uncaring Company
  • Unnaceptable
  • Poor Customer Service Tmobile

Tmobile in Las Vegas, Nevada - T Mobile

Dear T Mobile, I must say that your customer service has slowly become worse through the years. Please review my account and as I am not aware of what kind of notes have been written let me share my points with you. Somewhere in between you will find the truth and hopefully make assist in your decision. Facts: I have been a loyal customer with multiple lines 2 of my children are in the military and one is a paramedic I have been with T mobile for over 10 years 10/27/2016 I have complained about my phone for months over heating and my concerns. Each store I have gone in said there is nothing the can do but suggest I power the phone off and on, upgrade or buy another battery. Today the phone would not reset and was stuck at the LG welcome screen. I called 611 and I wish your reps would not read a script in a condescending tone. I am a manager for a courier company and cannot wait 2-5 business days for a replacement phone. If the issue is the battery overheating, what is the sense of replacing the phone and telling me you can’t replace the battery because its an accessory? T mobile does not have loaner phones so to ensure I don’t lose employment I had to get another phone and spent 6 hours with T mobile only to be insulted. How dare your reps offer me a $15 and then a $25 courtesy credit. I spend $220 a month for 10 years = approx $26,400. Really? Then Robert (rep) said we have applied credits to the account before. Yes when my son was overseas a representative changed his data plan and I was unable to speak to my son for days. Unless you have a child that is a soldier you wont understand the heartache that caused. Listen to the calls and see how you would feel. Why should I stay with T mobile? ***- I pay for unlimited data and trust me when I say I dont have it. 10/28/2016 T Mobile says LG won’t send a phone for another 8 to 10 days. Per Tmobile LG is on back order. They ( Tmobile) suggested I buy a new phone. Why should I come out of pocket? This isn’t fair. I want and need a phone. Please help asap. No one is taking responsibility. I feel my balance on this LG should be credited. Is this a scam to force me to buy a new phone and continue making payments? I was told I can’t use the jump program until the replacement phone comes in Yours Truly S. Olds
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Lg Electronics Cell Phone
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Price reduction

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