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Lg warentee requirements are WAY OVER KILL and bat *** crazy non english speaking people take the call, then the sent my issue to an "investigator" to do an "investigation" - but what was there to investivate? When I called I said "I have a new phone I got a few weeks ago and today I woke up with a 2nd degree burn from the charger on my arm, so I need you to mail me a new charger please." the first woman asked for over a half hour where, when, and what was hurt!

Well i just told you! Then over and over she asked if the phone burnt me, where the FIRE was, if I was burnt by the cord - all answered in my one sentence (and i worked in a few call centers so I know the job, so I get "showing empathy and restating the problem to check for understanding") but this is why I say there is a language issue since she said over and over "I am sorry your phone burnt you and I understand your frustration reguarding this issue, do you need a doctor?" How many times should I have to say "the phone is fine, i was burt by the charger, you know the part that plugs in? Also called a transformer." So after forever she repeated correctly and did whatever for the "investigation" and said after the issue was "investigated" I would get a call back in 24-48 hours. So I asked what exactly do you have to investigate sense you only have whatever you typed in the computer and nothing else but I have looked on the internet and there are many many complaints about this issue as well as the cord getting hot and even melting the charging port on the phone making it unable to be charged so it should be a known issue!

At this point I am closer to 2 hours on the phone for a *** charger that cost how much to them? When I saw on their site they had one on sale for 10 bucks or so recently... But the call ended with her saying this is the procedure I have to follow this is all I can do and someone will call you back after the investigation. But I'm sure we all know there was no investigation as they didn't have the charger or anything else but the investigator called me back to see if I wanted to file suit 4 my injuries and if I went to the hospital and had medical bills and I said no I just need you to send me a new charger for the phone I got a few weeks ago.

To which she replied this new person that called back anyway well in order to do that I need you to send the phone, cord, battery, charger, and back of the phone in for testing and then if we determine that you have a defective product and you are under warranty then we will determine if we will replace the charger. And I said so I am supposed to mail you my only phone so I have no way to speak to my doctor's for my disabled dad's doctors or make any kind of emergency phone call should either of us need that nor would my father be able to reach me should he need to do that and I am supposed to pay to ship the phone and for phone service without having a phone all over a charger that probably cost you next to nothing when I am a new customer with an injury is that I am happy to send you a picture of but I will not be without my phone when the problem is with the charger it is ridiculous to require that I send the entire phone with the exclusion of the SIM card over a *** charger. Then I was informed that they do not send anything out to anyone including shipping labels without receiving every single piece of the phone that was in the original box and they won't even say whether or not your warranty is valid before you deal with sending them all of the BS! So after two and a half days and hours telephone and of course the pain of a large first degree and small or 2nd degree burn they did zero to help anything and they were upset that I brought up had not woken up from being burnt that it could have very easily cause a fire I like I saw many pictures of online that burned up people's beds, carpeting through to the floor, car seats through to the floor well the springs, and many examples of burnt phones!

They asked how that helps us now since it didn't happen and how I wanted to proceed - so I let them know that sense I had T-Mobile JUMP lease if I could just turn the phone back in and go with any other brand then that's what I was going to do so I did not require the address to which I was supposed to pay to ship and insure my phone since that alone would have been more than the charger!

So I feel like not only do they have horrible service and they don't care about defective products that it would have been cheaper just in employee hours from the first person - to just mail me a charger! Especially since I was not saying they needed to pay medical bills, pain and suffering or anything excessive for a quarter sized second degree burn, even though the back of my arm was first degree burnt in a large area. It seems to me the burn was caused to be big due to having the charger in my bed so when my arm got hot I picked it up and moved it- over and over giving me the large first degree burn and then I was apparently in deeper sleep, so did not move again until had the second degree burn that woke me, but since I was sleeping I don't know that for sure.

I only know logically that's what happened since it was the only in my bed that was hot. There are zero vent holes in the charger and it was shrink wrapped in thick plastic, but not over the prongs and its hard to see clear on white when the plastic ends on the product seams - removing it (when the edges crinkled up from the heat helped), but calling T-Mobile took 10 minutes they apologized for LG and my experience with them and they sent me a charger and waive the shipping charge so I would have it faster and they thanked me for my business it's ridiculous that the phone company is more willing to help with a product liability issue then the product maker!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Cell Phone Charger.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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