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That LG company have nothing to do except someone telling you we are here to serve you Mr and do nothing except leaving you talking and here is what i have sent and they sent and nothing changes:

Dear Sir

I am from Egypt and i have purchased a Home Theater BH9520tw dated 27 December 2012 and since that date i told the distributer man when he bring it to home there is a problem in the Wireless reciver for the rear speakers and he told me to call LG customer service and they send me a representative and he told me we will change the Wireless reciever to me and since that date they took the broken receiver nothing done and every now and when i call the customer service and there is nothing done and i have nothing to do is to send this mail to you and actually always when i call them they tell that they will check with the maintance Engineer and will call youu back , ofcourse no callback was done , i have to follow up and same answer we will call you back, please help me in such problem as i see that there is a huge issue you have to deal with.

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