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This has been a terrible experience for me. Starting with the lack of knowledge and focus of the representatives.

At the beginning I called three times, first one, long time ago to request to open a case to get my cell fixed. I spent a long time talking to the lady explaining her the situation with the phone gps. Because more than a month had passed since my first call l decided to call again to make sure my case was still up to date. Also to verify that the note says the problem my cell has "the GPS!!!".

Besides that I told her that now my cellphone was getting overheated sometimes. She says everything would remained the same so I sent it as soon as I could find another device to use in the meantime. A couple of days after I sent it, l called to see if they already had received it. The agent told me that he couldn't track my cell.

It was the beginning of the week and he said I needed to wait until Friday for them to SEND IT BACK TO ME TO START THE PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN CAUSE ANYWAY MY CASE WAS CLOSED CAUSE EVERY LABEL WAS GOOD JUST FOR A MONTH. I of course asked to talk to a manager who could not only track my cell and tell me that they were supposed to receive it the next day but also that the case WAS STILL OPEN cause it's good for up to six months not for just one month like the disoriented guy had told me a minute earlier. I thought it had been just a bad moment cause he assured me everything was going to be ok and that I will be receiving my phone in about ten labor days after received. Once again I asked him to double check what it says in the notes about the gps and also that it was overheating.

I couldn't believe when he said that WAS NOT under the notes but he was going to write it down at that moment. I didn't realize to ask him WHAT was on the notes then but I thought I was going to be ok now that the manager was taking care of the situation and trying to help. For some odd reason my outlook email (where I receive the emails about this kind of stuff) was not notifying me of the incoming mails. So what a surprised when a few days later I when to check my emails and I see a couple of emails from them, saying the last one that they've repaired "THE CAMERA AND VIDEO LENSE" and had sent it back to me already!!!

What the heck the camera and video lense has to do with the problem my phone has?! At what moment did I mention anything to do with that? I called (I knew there was nothing to do anyways) and the guy told me that the manager DID put the note but it was TOO LATE cause they already had it at the technic department by then and it had been sent back to me (which I already knew!) What a terrible mess they have over there!! Do you think the story is over?

Oh, no! I made the big mistake of trusting them one more time. Made a new phone call, ask to open a new case, explain all the situation, send the phone back again and what a surprise, guess what they repaired this time? The Speaker/Receiver!!!!

I would like to leave clear that (even when my English is completely understandable) almost all my phone calls where in Spanish, my primary language, so no language barriers were involved I that. I decided to call one last, not with the hope to get any kind of help any longer but at least to make a complain to a manager for at least they to fix something over there and other people don't have to go thru what I went thru. The manager told me he was going to escalate things and he will give me a call with an answer within the next 48 hours. That was over two week ago and "I'm still waiting for that phone call".

Having no other choice than to go back and start using my cellphone even without gps, (because I can't afford to throw it away in the trash can) I called Metro PCS, which is my provider, to activate it and it was not reading the sim card so I had to go to one of their locations. The guy finally could make the phone to read the sim card after a few intents and he told me the phone had an update available and maybe after that the gps would work. I waited until the night, I made the update and the phone still has no gps whatsoever.

As a conclusion I have to keep dealing with this *** phone until I have the money to buy a new one for the simple reason LG didn't put any effort on fixing it cause (obviously) I'm not going to call for a new case, print the label, lose my time (which is very limited due to my busy life full time job/school) take it to fedex location, all for nothing...Doesn't this history suck too much?! Do you think any customer deserve this kind of disrespect?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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