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As you ignore my legitimate complaints and Mr Galvin only seeks to sell me one more of your TV products, I have sought recourse through Google "Consumer Complaints." I have started with 3 of the web sites and will continue to the end of the list in the public interest.


Ian Paterson

--- On Wed, 5/12/10, SHERYLL ANNE RUMBAOA wrote:

From: SHERYLL ANNE RUMBAOA Subject: Re : Re: Re : FW: Repair my plasma TVTo: "Ian Paterson" , jessie.galvan@lge.comDate: Wednesday, May 12, 2010, 8:41 AM

Sir Ian,

With regards to this, i will again forward it to sir jess, any updates i will get back to you sir., Tnx

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From : Ian Paterson To : SHERYLL ANNE RUMBAOA (anne.rumbaoa)Date : 10/5/8 11:14:16Subject : Re: Re : FW: Repair my plasma TV

Dear Sheryll Anne,

I receiveda phone call at 5pm yesterday from a girl who said she was working for Jessie Galvan and that I was to pay P6,000 for transport to a truck. I said I am a pensioner who cannot lift and when I last spoke to Mr Galvan it was agreed he would collect the TV not at my expense. After the 4 months of no use, the 4 failed attempts to fix and now this un professional approach by LG, I find this approach as despicable and unprofessiona. I have already paid P14,000 for a board that only lasted less than 6 months. I wish now to confirm whether or not Mr Galvan has support from any others in LG for this latest outrage.


Ian Patersonl-.

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From: SHERYLL ANNE RUMBAOA Subject: Re : FW: Repair my plasma TVTo: "JAEME ANN ENRIQUE" , tunajoebackpacker@yahoo.comCc: "JESSIE GALVAN" , "SHERYLL HADAP" , "GLENN LISTANA" Date: Friday, April 30, 2010, 3:09 AM

Sir Ian,

Good Day!

According to sir jess, we will make an arrangement with the courier or trucking first. Will then advise you when or how we can easily get your unit to your place and bring it here in Lg head office.. Tnx for your cooperation sir.

Sheryll Anne

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From : LGEPH Customer Management(CIC) JAEME ANN ENRIQUE officer(, 63-2-640-2525)To : JESSIE GALVAN officer(jessie.galvan), SHERYLL HADAP assistant(sheryll.hadap), SHERYLL ANNE RUMBAOA (anne.rumbaoa)Cc : GLENN LISTANA officer(glenn.listana)Date : 10/4/30 10:20:15Subject : FW: Repair my plasma TV

Sir… pls po…


From: Ian Paterson [] Sent: Friday, April 30, 2010 9:09 AMTo: jaeme ann enriqueSubject: RE: Repair my plasma TV

Good Morning Ann,

Two LG repairman finally came to repair my LG plasma TV last Wednesday.

They stayed for about an hour, picked up some parts, then left without advising me what the position is.

As they are the 4th repairmen you have sent, wouldn't it make sense that they took the LG Plasma back to Manila where hopefully some skilled repairman at LG Head Office can solve the problem.

If you have any better ideas after 4 months, I am willing to be advised.

Is it necessary for me to contact your senior executives at LG head office and let them advise how I can get reasonable satisfaction?


Ian Paterson

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