Boynton Beach, Florida
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My name is Laquenda Pharr

I purchased a washer and a dryer from hhgregg in Wellington Florida. This is supposed to be the top of a top of the line product.

For the last three to four months the washer and dryer has not been working in reality longer than that because it is a washer without an agitator I thought it was something that I was doing wrong. The dryer will not dry my clothes. I called LG because it has not been 12 months so hhgregg cannot step in to assist me. I have spoke with a Donald I have spoke with a redownload I have been told that you all were going to send a company out twice I had the companies no call no show.

The first initial call then went out to LG I was told that that call when overseas to one of your call centers and that you never got the work order. I have been treated rude to say the least I would strongly urge you to go back look at my name for the calls and definitely talk to the employees I was told that I was speaking with upper management. They talk to you like they're on the street needless to say I have given up I have a washer and a dryer that I have paid more than two grand for that does not work. I have called every number that I can get off the internet for LG still can I get any help.

I had asked a Donald to put forth an email to a Joyce Miller or Joyce miles I still have not received a call back from this person. Instead I had another person that had the same title is the man Donald as well as the man read on old at that point she reiterated that the only thing that they will continue to do was send people out to try to fix the washer and dryer. I have lost time on my job I have waited for them to show up at times when they have not where does the customer service kicking in. Many moons ago I purchased a cheap washer and dryer for about five hundred and something dollars that lasted me forever because I'm in a better situation I figured I would get the best of the best this has been the worst experience ever.

You have one gentleman who end up lying to me his name was Carlos to find out he's in sales he ends up telling me you're a troublemaker I said sir how am i a troublemaker when all I want is my washer and dryer fixed stand behind your products. I have paid out of pocket more than 3 times to have my dryer duct look that by two different companies, to only be told the same thing man there is something wrong with the dryer your duck is clear of any kind of debris I even walked on top of my roof with one guy he said mam as you can see there is nothing wrong with your duck there something wrong with the dryer. The dryer is a fire hazard it collects all the lamp at the bottom of the dryer it is not circulating correctly. My electric bills range anywhere from 400 to $500 before I figured out that the dryer just was not working taking too many cycles to get towels to dry.

Even if LG will not help me please take me to this do not buy their products. They do not stand behind their products any time you make a purchase of an item and it's less than 12 months old they don't show up to fix it you lose time on your job you call to give you every excuse every run around they told me they change their policy we can I give you a new washer and dryer LG cannot afford it is what I was told by Donald.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Dryer.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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