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I'm pissed at LG for not including a charger in my HBS 750. at least it's aptly named with BS right there in the model.

I bought my HBS 750 in Best Buy and I got a decent deal on it because I price matched it to some site online. this allowed me to purchase the Geek Squad protection plan on it. I was debating whether to return on the first day because it did not come with a charger. I had to call LG to find out that basically they don't make a charger fot this model of head set.

LG representative on the phone told me that I need to plug my headset into my computer. I told him I don't want to have to lug my laptop wherever I go simply to charge my headset. I insisted that it would be much simpler, lighter, and more secure to carry a charger with me. However, the they would not provide me with a charger because according to the LG representative, they don't make one the only thing that they provide you charge is not a charger it's some kind of cable which does not guarantee a clean and proper source of power with which to charge your headset.

what was amazing to me was they suggested that I purchase a charger from Best Buy. Costing an additional $20 and up I told them *** no. I know I got a good deal but this price is $69.99 and that's a lot of moneyoto not include the charger. they say that the power scheme or charging scheme is universal when that's complete BS.

The volts and amps are different on pretty much every charger I looked at so I need to know the specifics of what the battery in the HSB 750 is so that I can go and buy a specialty charger from digikey or some other online place.this extra time and effort placed on the consumer makes my vision much less favorable for LG in the future. Not to mention the fact that I had trouble using the headset with my phone. Granted it's not necessarily the headsets fault because pretty much any bluetooth that I use with my phone doesn't work well. I constantly have to disconnect and reconnect, forget this bluetooth, pair it again and again and again and again and again.

I offered them money! I offered to BUY a charger I'm not asking for a free charger. they don't even have a charger to sell me. I heard the rumors about Verizon selling the headset with a charger.

I went to their store and same thing no charger. I heard that either from Verizon or somewhere online that you have to purchase this headset from Verizon online and have them ship it to you for it to come with a charger.seeing as how I got a discount on this headset I wasn't going to return it and pay full price and not have the Geek Squad protection on it. It's absolutely freaking ridiculous that LGW even make a charger for replacement in case one breaks. Basically, their stance is if your charger breaks, oh well, go plug it into your computer.

those of us who don't have a computer to plug into this could be a major problem.I only recommend this product to those you are willing to put up with the BS. It's a great headset. don't get me wrong. it works perfectly with my iPad, great sound quality.

the whole nine. I don't recommend using this product with any Mac that has Snow Leopard OS 10. 6 because I have not gotten it to work with my Mac on stereo. The only way that the sound doesn't *** out on you is using the mono setting which the sound quality on that is awful.basically what I have to do is steal my samsung charger to use to charge this one and the only one where it works reliably is on my iPad.

I bought this so that I could have hands free in my car. That's the main reason I purchased this unit. And also to have better range with my phone because I will place my phone near the window or the door. Then use the range of the Bluetooth to extend the range I can use my phone.

it works ok like this but again I still have problems with my phone audio cutting out. it's so frustrating that I end up having to use the handset instead. refresh rates whenever I call and it's unclear whether they can hear me at anytime. I constantly have to ask,"Can you hear me?" to ensure that my audio is not dropped out and that the microphone is still transmitting my voice.

I don't know how much of this is the bluetooths fault or the phone but its just annoying combination. I went to RadioShack close to the day that I bought my first HBS750 . I was testing it out with another gentleman 's phone, one of the sales reps from Radio Shack, and it worked perfectly on his phone so I went and returned the headset just to make sure it wasn't the headset and it still give me problems. I want to get a new phone but that's not in the budget at the moment so I guess I just have to struggle was the one that I have until I can afford to get a new phone and hopefully the purchase of a new phone will solve the issue with the Bluetooth.

My friend recommended these headsets to me & basically insisted that I purchase it, if I was going to buy a bluetooth. He dragged on me because I didn't buy the one that he recommended.

The experience has been less than stellar. I hate to be a negative nancy but buyer beware.

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