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I bought the most expensive LG washer dryer there is (US$ 1200) with a sign on it saying its guaranteed for 10 years. My issues with it started few months ago when the drum in my washing machine broke and I was told I need to replace it. After many phone calls and a couple of missed appointments by LG staff, they took it and told me it needed a new drum for US$214. They said the guarantee doesnt cover it. I paid and waited for 2 weeks because they had no spare parts in the entire country and must be ordered from outside. When they finally fixed it and brought it back I was shocked that it had no guarantee except for one month. Had I known that, I wouldn't have fixed it with them!! Sure enough few months later and the machine broke down again. This time the glass door broke. I called LG and went again through the nightmare of missed appointments, when they finally came they said the door needs replacement for US$ 91 and I must wait again for 2 weeks. I kept asking why did it break but the guy was annoyed with my questions only saying "it happens, maybe because of the hot water" I told him that doesn't make sense because the machine heats the water on its own, but no, he insisted that "it happens". And when I flipped and complained to the company's head, they came to put a temporary door until my new door arrives. The guy said now you can use your machine until we fix the new one. Only two hours after the guy left my place, the glass door broke again and now it shredded my new expensive custom jeans. When I called they came again they said oh its because the drum was hitting the glass door it broke it.

1- the drum was new and fixed by LG few months ago so its their fault for not fixing it properly.

2- the guy said " it happens" the first time the glass door borke and didn't bother to check causing it to happen again and shred my clothes.

Now instead of being compensated for that, I received another call telling me the cost is now going to be US$ 265 for a new drum.

Meaning in total I would have paid US$ 570++ in just few months (almost 50% of the original price) and again with no guarantees.

Im shocked at the level of service and the quality of it. Instead of fixing it for free AND compensating me for the damages, I am asked to pay again.

I contacted the company head, as well as the staff but no response. I then texted them and they read it and never responded either. Its terrible the worst experience with an electronics company of my life. A complete rip off.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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