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I purchased a LG TV 9/16/15 the screen started flashing and white lines appeared the week before my warranty expired. I called LG and was given the name of Service Center they said yes we will fix it, It is 10/5/16 they still HAVE NOT fixed my TV they will not give the service center the approval number. I have spent so much time on phone with these people.. finally a week ago I was told they mishandled the whole repair process. I have...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service and attitude
  • Getting the run around from customer service people
i have a 55 inch smart tv that we bought in April 2016 we have had the mother board replaced in june 2016. with only to have to contact them again in aug for the tv that just not shuts off when ever it wants to. contacted them on aug 5 and they said that someone would come out and fix it well no one showed called LG back on aug 23 for them to send someone else to come out and fix it.... wellll AGAIN no one showed or called. when i called LG back...
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I didn't like
  • Just hate lg