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LG are trying to fob off customers when their TV randomly cracks. I was told the crack "Usually" denotes impact damage

I too have some issues regarding LG Customer service and problem with my 12 and half month old 55UB850V 3D 4K TV. Price was £1499.00

A mark appeared on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

I changed channels but the problem was still there and gradually looked to be getting worse, so I continued to take photos.

As time went on and with screen changes it looked like a strange mark (I can only describe looked like a burn mark with weird lines coming from it)

I was told "there is a clearly defined yellow point on the screen with distinct "spidering" coming from the epicentre, this usually denotes that the screen has been impacted"

NOTE- THE WORD "USUALY" which in a later email was retracted as they said the word "usually" was said in error!

There has been no impact damage to the TV what so ever and the customer service agent/engineer said it is not covered under warranty.

I also have another 55 4k tv without the 3D so i have concerns this may happen with this.

I have spoken to my lawyer who says if the screen is not damaged then the fault is with the TV and it is not fit for purpose, he is adamant that i should pursue this legally.

When an item is of this age and occurs problems then it is not fit for purpose.

This Is not the first time as i had the 49" version with volume problems which happened 2 days after i received it.

I hope this prevents others From buying faulty goods.


This is not the case. There have been many with these issues. Lawyers on the case.

Other LG Customer TV Problems

July 18, 2015

- (named removed)

My tv is LG, Model # 65UB9300 , Serial # 410RMSPSQ339

The TV showed an internal crack/spider crack which appeared on it’s own all of a sudden. It has also lines and some sort of ink spot on the upper right corner of the tv.

The LG manufacturer said it’s not covered on the warranty as it is a physical damage, which I strongly opposed as we did not do anything with the tv, the defects just appear on it’s own and we did not cause any physical damage to it



"Usually" a crack on the inside of the TV screen is considered a thermal crack from heat (an internal failure) not impact damage. 

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had the same issue after 8 months with an LG 65UF7700.

It even has the issue in the same quadrant as your TV, lower left side. I also have vertical and horizontal lines running across from the epicenter.

LG is adamant that there was an impact to the screen.

I was out of the country for 3 weeks and found this upon returning. I have filed a complaint on BBB.

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