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I have recently purchased the LG Infinim Bluetooth earphones on September 23, 2015. After having them for only 45 days I began to experience a shortage in the left earbud wire.

When I called customer service I had the exact same runaround, ship it back, hassle experience. I paid $150 for these at Sprint. Why couldn't I take it back to the Sprint store and get another one? Why make you go through the manufacturer to get them replaced under warranty?

Having to send them in first by FEDEX GROUND and wait 9 days which is two weeks when you consider the weekend days to get another device...if they deem that it is under manufacturer's warranty is too long and a hassle. Not good LG you should stand behind your product in a more timely manner than that. Especially a device that costs $150 which is at the premium end of Bluetooth devices.

Listen I understand things break and I'm not expecting LG to be perfect, but the Premium price of your product should coincide with the level of premium customer service that you provide. How about an overnight package so that your premium customers do not have to wait so long to receive another device?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I left the original review (this is Kdublu1). Two weeks after receiving the replacement pair, THE LG INFINIM Bluetooth Headsets FAILED AGAIN!

LOW to NO SOUND FROM THE LEFT EARBUD! I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANY LG PRODUCT AGAIN. The problem is a design flaw in the retractable ear piece. The cord is to thin and flimsy for pulling out and retracting on a continuous bases.

I believe they know this and won't issue a recall and fix the cord issue. For $150 you cannot justify this design flaw LG!


Dude I returned that same headset in October 7th of 2015 and they still have not sent out my replacement and it's January 15th 2016. I've called them over 15 times and they just keep saying that they'll get to the bottom of it and call me back. They haven't called me once.


Even though I did not appreciate LG warranty exchange system they did send me a new pair back and a total of 12 days by FedEx.

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