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Dear Sir/Madame, About six weeks ago my washing machine stopped working suddenly, so I contacted the Egyptian department of LG and told them the problem, so they took me up for an appointment and told me that they'll send someone to check on the machine. The thing is, they told that because I'm out of the gaurentee system, I have to pay for the guy's service which is 110 L.E and whatever fixes he does on the machine; which was fine with.

A week later the guy that was supposedly coming "in 48 hours" came to see what's wrong with the washing machine, he then took out a cable from his bag and connected it to the electrical system of the machine, after he did this the electrical system exploded, and sparks came out, and there was this smell like it was burnt, and every single light in the apartment went off. After what he caused he told me that I need a new electrical board because mine has a problem (he did the damge) and that I should pay 2000 L.E for a new one; I was so frustrated, I didn't even pay for the visit (the 110). Shortly after he left, I called the LG department and told them what happened and they told me that it's his mistake and he should carry full responsibility, and they promised me that they'll provide me a new part instead of the part he damaged within 48 hrs. I waited for more than one week (I lost count) and no one showed up or even called me, I called the LG call center and they told me they'll inform the head office/Manager later and he'll contact me (later being 24 hrs).

I waited (AGAIN) for more than 10 days and I even called daily to see if he's gonna call me or contact me in anyway. After being fed up, I threatened them by saying that I'll send an email to the main website in Korea, and I'll tell them everything that happened, and how he damaged my washing machine, and the fact that I take my clothes daily, and wash them at my family's place which is completely far away. An hour later, someone from the company called me and told me that if I wanna fix my machine I should pay 2000 L.E and that's final (even though they were the ones to do the damge) and after I told him that it's unfair, and that I'll send a letter to LG in Korea he told me that he doesn't care,  and that I could do whatever I want to do, and he was really rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional.

I'm writing you this letter because I really wish you'd take an action with the Egyptian branch of LG. When I searched the Internet about them I found out that they had a lot of people complaining about the maintenance and service, and they had so many legal issues and cases with some people; this would cause a bad reputation for LG globally.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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