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So instead of sending the watch back to ATT, I sent to LG ! Big mistake !!!! The have had my watch already a week and won't even acknowledge they received the watch! When fedex shows the watch was delivered more than a week ago. When I call customer support has no idea what they are doing, putting me on long hold times, acting like I'm speaking a foreign language ! I simply can't support these guys anymore. They rush the build of products all...
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Sent watch in for am estimate for a cracked screen, they wanted $80 for a 1"glass. Opted to not repair as watch still works fine. Got watch back, missing a screw, the other 3screws were falling out, and won't tighten. Sent back, with a note that I was aware of the screen issue, just wanted the screws fixed as they were responsible for this. They sent me another quote for the screen. 12 phone calls later, and hours literally, on hold,...
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I liked
  • Watch itself
I didn't like
  • Entire interaction with lg customer service
  • Cs lacks escalation options
  • Horrible service