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Late last year I bought and installed an LG LP0910WNR ( freestanding portable air condition unit from Home Depot. After failing to cool the room, I called LG who sent their repair man William to inspect the unit. He stated that the unit was installed incorrectly due to obstruction caused by a screen on the window, and that it wasn't plugged into its own circuit. He also claimed that many people misunderstood the installation instructions and even recounted a call he had made where the exhaust hose was stretched across the room to be vented outside, and that was not how it was supposed to be done. Note that at no time during his visit did he state that any of what I had done voided any kind of warranty.

Immediately I had my suspicions about the product:

(1) Why is the hose as long as it is if the unit can't operate without breaking with it fully stretched? (2) Obviously, it wasn't only me that had a misunderstanding about the installation of the unit, and that the instructions were not clear. Of the hose, the manual states:

"Do not block the air inlet or outlet of the air conditioner. Reduced air flow will result in poor performance and could damage the unit."

As a layman, my understanding of "reduced air flow" did not really include a screen. In fact, in the hose itself at the exhaust end, there is a screen included with the unit.

(3) William lamented that he didn't know why LG marketed the unit as a consumer unit when it really took a professional to install it, specifically because he had to be called out to correct what he perceived to be LG's marketing failure. In fact, marketing for the unit at different electronic retailers on the web state:

"Not really an installation kind of person? Don't worry. Most of us aren't. That's why we make portable air conditioners …"


(4) William mentioned that really the unit needed to be vented to the outside via *** in the wall and not through the window, even though the instruction manual devotes at least six pages to proper window installation.

Regardless, I fixed the noted install issues:

(1) I plugged the unit into its own circuit. (2) I removed the screen and installed the hose with no obstruction to the outside. (3) Although the hose wasn't "excessively" stretched before, I made sure that it traveled no more than 4–5 feet until terminating at the window. The unit itself stands next to the window and its intakes are unobstructed. (4) I insulated the hose with temperature resistant black foil used normally in photography shoots where the lights get hot enough to light paper on fire to prevent exhaust heat leakage into the room.

There are many people in my household as well as visitors that can verify that I took these steps.

After doing so, indeed the unit lasted through the summer and easily kept the room cool. However, near the end of the summer (maybe 2 or 3 months or so afterwards) the compressor broke. I called LG and they sent a repair man (not William) to look at the unit. They confirmed the unit was broken while it was installed in its previously operational configuration. At no time during the visit did the repair man mention anything about an incorrect install of the unit. In fact, the repair man ordered a part so that he could install it on an subsequent visit.

On the day of the repair, my dad had emergency health issues and I had to cancel the repair visit. Once his health issues had been addressed, it was winter, so I saw no need to continue repair of the unit and did not pursue it again until April of 2012. In the mean time since the unit was not functioning I removed the hose from my window (to ensure no heat leaked out of the window in the winter) and replaced the screen.

This April, LG again sent a repair man at my request after explaining my dad's health issues. The repairman that showed up was William, the original LG repairman. William informed me that he could not honor the warranty because the air conditioner was not installed correctly, and attributed the failure of the unit's compressor to this "mis-installation".

Even after explaining that the screen was replaced and the hose taken down after the unit broke and became useless, he refused to honor the warranty citing that he had originally annotated a mis-installation from his first visit.


(1) Again, William did not mention anything about a voided warranty on the unit on his first visit. (2) LG markets the unit as consumer/layman-friendly. (3) William mentioned that many people installed it incorrectly, at least initially. (4) LG technical support and a second visiting repairman fully intended to repair the unit, going as far as ordering a part for it, and at no time did LG or that second repair manmention a voided warranty after personal inspection of the unit. (5) On his second visit, William initially based his judgement on the configuration of the unit after I had uninstalled it for the winter. He then changed his story referring to his annotations of the original mis-installation. To paraphrase: "If I had seen the window without the screen or the hose piped through *** in the wall it wuld have been a different story."

This leads me to these conclusions:

(1) LG implied through the packaging on the box and marketing on the internet that its LP0910WNR can be easily installed by an average layman consumer, although in actuality for it to operate properly a professional with air conditioning expertise is required. (2) LG failed to honor repair of the unit on grounds that are tenuous at best. (3) LG has created a product and repair situation that is unfair to the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Air Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $323.

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I totally Agree...LG SUCKS!!....At least you have LG techs in your city...Seattle "proper" didn't have any techs to repair my refrigerator and Corporate didn't care.


LG sucks

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