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I have had an authorized service agent working with LG technical support to fix this washing machine due to an error code (LE) during wash cycle. After two months and over $300 of parts and labor the service agent determined that the 5 year old washer was irreparable.

I have contacted LG customer service numerous times with no help to resolve this issue. The first customer service representative I spoke with (12-9-2009) informed me that if the service agent would call technical support and tell them that the washer was irreparable they would start this replacement process. This was done. When I contacted LG the following day (12-10-2009) a different customer service representative informed me that there was nothing he could do and transferred me to a supervisor (Delano).

The supervisor informed me that the washer was not irreparable just because their "authorized" repair service could not fix it. The only solution that the supervisor offered was to find another repair center in my area and get the information to LG so that they could authorize them to fix the washer. I spent the next two hours calling service repair centers in my area (5) and non-local repair centers (2). All seven of the service repair centers refused to work on the washer stating that they could not fix the problem.

I called LG to speak with the supervisor again; however, the third customer service representative that answered the phone would not allow me to speak with the supervisor. He did however suggest that they had an LG technician in my area that for an additional $75 charge could come out and diagnose the problem. When I reminded him that I have had an authorized service agent and LG technical support working on my washer for two months and the problem has already been diagnosed, at the cost of over $300 he very rudely said that there was nothing else he could do for me. This washing machine is approximately 5 years old.

There is no power to the unit. The main control board was replaced by the service agent with direction given from LG technical support on one of his earlier visits, but no longer works. The gears are stripped in the motor. The bearing on the rear drum is seized up and the drum will not spin.

The washing machine is no longer under warranty; however, all of the parts with exception of the control board are still covered under the seven year parts warranty. To replace the control board, the gears, the rotor, the stator, and the rear drum assembly, plus the cost of labor will cost more than a new washer not counting the $300 I've already spent to replace the control board which is now defective.

The LG customer service representatives have been very rude and unwilling to offer any other solution than for me to give them more money for a washing machine that is obviously of poor quality and not worth the cost of the repairs. I will never buy another LG product due to the unprofessional, discourteous customer service staff, incompetent technical support staff that took approximately two months (5 service visits) to diagnosis the initial problem, and the overall quality and durability of the washing machine.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Washing Machine.

Location: Ellenwood, Georgia

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At approx. 6 years, our LG washer stopped spinning.

We called the service dept. of the store where we bought it. They tried replacing the main control/circuit board. Nothing.

They replaced the motor. Nope! They finally replaced the rotor & stator. Nada.

Finally, with LG tech support on the phone, they tracked it down to an electrical connector that had shorted out/wasn't making a good connection. Now, you might think that I'd be blaming LG. Actually, I fault the service vendor (Conn's, in Texas). It took them a month to find & fix the problem.

The washer seems to be working fine, so far. But, taking a month to repair it earned them a BBB complaint, and lost them a customer for life.


All if you want something dependable then DON'T BUY LG. It only looks sleek besides that it is worthless.

I have had numberous problems with it and now it just completely died. My machine is 4.5 years old and they want to charge money to send service guy to fix it. When I was able to fix my first problem by searching on the internet the service guy was even surprised when I cancelled my appointment. These tech.

people don't know anything, they just want to send LG more money by throwing replacement parts. Even if LG may know possible problems they won't tell you they want you to pay $75 fee and then buy parts from Service tech at super high price.

Buy something else GE or many other good brands. I will never buy LG Ever EVER.


I agree this washer has been nothing but a problem. None of our local appliance repair shops won't even come to the house to look at LG washers.

Best Buy won't help me out either. They want to come service it at a cost of approx 3 to 4 hundred dollars.

The tech. said it's not worth it.


That is very wrong of them to do and unethical by all accounts. They should honor the warranty and I think they suck.

Me and my family were in the market for 3,000 dollar budget for a new washer dryer and fridge.

It seems I will not be purchasing from LG now thank you for letting me know what to expect. Guess its off to Sears to check out the other brands, good luck.

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