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I got my G2 last sept 28 for 29,990php from LG SM North EDSA Annex. A week later I referred a friend to buy the same model at the same store for 27,000php, that same week I noticed that the touch screen is slow to respond, takes alot of effort to type, impossible to use, I got to compare it to the LG my Friend bought. So took it back to the dealer, they advised me take it to the Service Center in SM Mega Mall, they told me they need to replace the screen and most of the parts and that i need to wait 1 week. I told them why would I need to have my brand new phone fixed? I never dropped/had it wet/rooted etc, Cant i just have it replaced? I went back to LG SM North which was miles away through the Friday night rush hour, told the dealer that I want my defective phone replaced and talked to the manager ALBERT SADANG through the phone, but they refused cause its past 3 days replacement period. I told them that the problem showed up later than 3 days and told them what the service center told me but to no avail. They wont even consider what effort I had to exert to go back and forth, we talked for at most an hour, I got so pissed of that useless robot of a Manager so I left.

The Next day My Friend who i referred to the same store, noticed that her G2 screen went completely black and would not turn on no matter what she tries, she decided to go immediately to dealer and have it replaced, she showed them her dead screen, they tried troubleshooting it even without a technician.After much effort they finally they got the screen back on and returned it to her. She refused to get back the defective phone and requested to have it replaced. The Manager ALBERT SADANG who was there told her the same thing he told me, she even went as far as telling them that she would complain at DTI (Department of Trade and Industries), the manager told her go ahead as if the manager was challenging her to do so while belittling her complaint, giving his reasons that DTI would not give a swift response to the complaint and she would wait longer to have her phone replaced and it would be LG that would face DTI in court, not him. After much debate he contacted what he said was LG main and a few mins later had the phone replaced, Why argue with the customer when they could just make a call replace the in the first place? He told her that me an my Friend were the only customers who had that problem as if it was our fault, and that she should be grateful cause other stores wont do that for her and that they replaced her phone cause its only passed a week and that they wont replace my phone cause mine has passed 2 weeks since I bought it, but their policy on replacement was just 3 days, and they told her that i should go to LG Main if I want mine replaced as if passing the ball.

I went back there for the last time, He did not do anything to replace my phone at all. He also said He cant refund my phone. The way he talked to me was different with the way he talked to my friend. He was unfair and biased with me. Is this how LG handle their well paying customers? Making them go back and forth like an *** wasting money, time and effort? I called LG main, they gave me a reference number and told me that they would call me back, 3 days of constant follow ups, please holds, and false "we'll call you back", told my self that this would be the last time I would call before i storm in there. They told me that i should deliver the phone to SM Mega mall. No compromising or whatever. I Have been unable to use my only phone for almost 2 weeks now.


REF# RNA131018074497

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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We regret the inconvenience caused to you. We have made a note of your complaint and also shared the same with the concerned department. Our customer service personnel will address your issue shortly. For any further clarifications, please do write to us at: serviceindia@lge.com


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