We bought an LG gas range from Home Depot with the exteneded warranty. Immediately upon delivery the repairman said there was something wrong with the front left burner valve and we oviously could not use it.

Noone would exchange it, repairman have come to the house twice early on - first to ascertain there was a problem, then to bring a part that turned out to be the wrong part sent by LG. weeks passec by, including Easter, and I repeatedly called LG, to be told that someone would get back to me, it was now with the returns dept and they would call, etc. Not one persone from LG ever called. The latest today is that they now have the part and the repair center would call.

They, the independent appliance repair contractor, have at least been responsive. The moral is that if you buy an appliance from LG, you face months of having a non working or semi functional appliance in your home.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Range.

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