Geneva, Illinois
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My NEW LG washer is broken. LG will not schedule a repair until I tell them the serial number. LG put the

serial number on the BACK of the machine. How am I supposed to get to it?? why do they put it on the back in the first place?? Why can't they schedule service and the technician can move the machine and verify the serial number??

I have called customer service three times. All they keep telling me is to move the machine. It is filled with water, in a tight spot, and I am not that strong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

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My company provides LG warranty service and I can tell you they are rotten *** Most of the time they barely pay us due to all this reciept serial number garbage! And they have very little parts or tech support, it takes weeks to get a part as they, have no distribution in the USA, they should be banned from selling their product here until they comply to US manufacturers levels

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