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I purchased an LG WT5101HV washer less than 2 years ago along with an extended warranty. The washer blew out a month ago and since then we have been trying to get a part and get the washer repaired.

The first repair man came out and didn't even have the tools to take it apart. He guessed at what it needed and left. After a week of waiting (still no parts), I checked on line and found out the washer was recalled. I called LG who cancelled my parts order because it was now a recall repair.

They scheduled a guy to come out and when I talked to him he told me that he couldn't come because he didn't have authorization because I have an extended warranty. Great. So I'm stuck between a repair and a recall. Today, I just spoke with them and we are another week out for the recall part.

That does not include the broken part which LG cancelled. When I called LG I talked to Mike in the Customer Service Repair. He was plain rude, by telling me I deserved a gold star for waiting so long, but it didn't make him do it any faster. When I asked to speak to a manager he told me they were all on the phone.

I said I would wait and he said they didn't have a ***. I said are you telling me I can't speak to a manager - he said "that is correct". After all this run around and no parts yet I simply do not ever want to work with them. I also want my money back.

One more thing.

LG did not send out a recall notice until after mine broke. According to the repair man the cause of the breakage was the the recall.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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