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LG High Efficiency Washer Orig cost $1099 – I got at discount then - LG wants to pay me $400 and take my washer because they dismantled and trashed my parts when they came out to service my washer with no parts available to replace

My LG washer purchased July of 2011 rusted around the disposal unit and the left front side.

When the Service tech arrived he disassembled my washer and then found the replacement part was the wrong one, would not fit.

He took both the replacement part and my part and said someone would get back to me on the replacement. This was July 19, 2014.

I have been told there is no replacement part and I will have to take $400 and they (LG) gets my washer. (This was from Eric at Corporate headquarters today 8/25/14)

I said (well- in other words - No)

I want my washer put back in one piece.

CNM140719528345 original date 7/19/14

CNM140804780747 8/4/14DRM 140806465770 8/6/14

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Replacement.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1099.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Fairfield, California, United States #867563

This is why I like to buy Home Appliances from someone like SEARS!!! I always seem to have no problems getting the parts I need, wither it's for a Washer/Dryer, Lawn mower, etc.

You can go to sears yourself and find the parts you need with Pictures. I've had great luck over the years.

I'm also not a fan of these High Efficiency Washers which really never get your clothes fully clean. Sears Kenmore make good stuff and easy enough to repair stuff!!!


You don't give the exact model of washer that you're dealing with but, from the photos, I suspect it's a model 5170. This is actually a pretty nice washer and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

In your case, you haven't detailed as to what the initial problem was other than, from the pictures, you're getting some rusting. I couldn't begin to tell you why. It appears that some sort of chemical reaction is going on, but may be some sort of chemical you've used to try and clean it with. The straight lines in one of the photos suggest the unit has been tampered with.

With all of that said, you need to distinguish between LG and the service center. Whereas it doesn't sound as if it's under any form of LG warranty, it is not up to them to maintain the unit. It is up to the service center you've had come out to return the unit to the same form it was in when they arrived. It may not be functioning, but it should be complete.

If they are unable to do so, then it would be them you have the issue with. I can tell you that parts are readily available for the 5170. Many are interchangeable with the 5070 and it is still being produced.

The service company you've hired may not have them in stock but should be able to get them for you. Please keep us updated.

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