My friend and I bought the LG HBM-235 from FRY's and we sent in the rebate with certified mail including the rebate receipt and UPC code. The certified mail can verify they did receive the rebate.

But, they can still *** with the false claim that they did not receive the UPC label by lying about the missing UPC. Don't buy anything from LG with a rebate!!!

Also, LG is doing the rebate thru a company called "The Advertising Checking Bureau, Inc." Both companies are running the scam. They can make good money just by dropping a percentage of the buyers who sent the rebate, and, for each false claim they made, they make the rebate back!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Refrigerator.

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LG sucks


I am one of you guys. I have created a group on facebook for this. search for "LG bluetooth - Headset scam" and join.


I bought 2 headsets and sent my rebate forms Dec 15, 2010 after taping BOTH UPC codes and HIGHLIGHTING the order that I had purchased TWO. Last week, I received a rebate check for ONE headset.

I called them and they told me to fax another copy of the order showing I had purchased 2.

So far, nothing. If I do not get my 2nd rebate, I will never buy LG products again!!


Yes I also received letter saying rebate is denied because receipt was not included. I am 100% sure I included the receipt. It is totally scam ...


Absolutely true. Do not trust LG rebate offers.

They got me once. Never again.


I thought it's a scam at first but I later found out that the status can be tracked on:


I submitted the rebate forms late in December 2010. The website above, however, shows the forms were received on Jan 18, 2011. The rebate statuses are "approved". Hopefully the checks would come soon.


I bought it 3 months already but i haven't got any reply from them at all. :(


I just received the same letter and I cannot believe it! I am still stunned.

Same exact thing. I KNOW FOR A FACT that the UPC was there and also I TAPED it to the form!


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