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I bought an LG wall air conditioner 3 years ago. It suddenly stopped working. I took it in to repair shop who said I needed a new compressor. It was under warranty and LG said they would send a new one out. The repair shop warned me that LG is notorious for having poor customer service, which turned out to be very true!!

The repair shop, and me, had to repeatedly call LG to finally get the part sent out. LG sent the WRONG PART 5 times!! This took 38 phone calls and countless hours of arguing with them to honor their warranty. The repair shop got to the point where they would no longer help me as they had put so much time into it with no payment from LG they could not afford it anymore. I went back to the major store I bought it from 3 years ago and they said they won't even sell LG products anymore because of all the problems they have had with them!

In the next two days I was on the phone with 18 people at LG and spent a total of 6 1/2 hours on the phone and on hold, in two days! I started the "repair" on my a/c on June 6th and by August 10th I gave up and bought a new one. I had no a/c for 2 1/2 months in the hottest July here on record. My last contact with LG the 9th person I had talked to that day said that they had no record of my purchase or of ever having dealt with this issue before! I have kept tract of all calls and names and they still deny some of this! They are now saying that my only option is to have a 6th part sent out. When I said, "why should I believe that you can send the right part out now when you've got it wrong 5 times," the manager replied, "I can't do anything about that and just take your chances."

So, even though LG still agrees my unit was under warranty and should have been fixed at no cost to me I am out $700 for a new one! I also had to spent 2 months sleeping at friends and family houses and countless hours on the phone, writing letters and e-mails, and unbelievable stress!! I have never had a customer service situation last this long, and put this much time into, without being resolved. I was treated rudely and it is very telling that an appliance store won't even sell LG anymore. LG does not care!I will never buy any LG product again!!

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