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I have an aging problem with LG Bahrain (Middle East) through which they have shown a very very low standard of customer service, that caused me so far a big loss of time, energy and money.

I purchased my new LG A520 laptop at Bahrain in Dec 2011. In Feb 2012, the laptop started showing the blue screen (physical memory dump) followed by automatic restart. This problem was frequent, but intermittent. It did not relate to certain occasions. But fortunately, all of these discrepancies were clearly logged on the Windows Event Viewer. I delivered the laptop to the local LG service center (AJM Kooheji). The service center stated that they "updated some outdated drivers". It's important here to note that the laptop was delivered back to me in a very dirty condition, and its LCD border panel damaged. The service center promised to replace the damaged panel within 20 days.

Two months later, same exact problem occurred again. I took the laptop again to the service center, to fix the problem and to replace the panel that was not replaced after TWO MONTHS. I provided them copies of screen shots showing the problem logged in Windows Event Viewer to help them do the proper troubleshooting. I also asked for a repair report to state what exactly was the reason of the problem and how it was fixed. The service center replaced the damaged panel, and delivered the laptop after doing complete format and Windows reinstall. No repair report was provided.

Several days later, after I spent days reinstalling all my applications, same exact problem appeared again (blue screen followed by restart). Again I provided screen shots, and took the laptop to the service center for the third time. I explained to them that it is obvious that no proper troubleshooting was done, and that the problem will keep occurring. I asked for a refund since this was the third time the same problem occurs within the warranty period. After several days, the service center advised that the laptop is now serviceable after again doing format and Windows reinstall. They also said that the problem is caused by absence of anti-virus, although I never ran my laptop without the anti-virus (either AVG or AdAware Antivirus). They finally said that one of my software (Hotspot Shield) is the cause of the problem, although the software is used all over the world and with me personally for years on other computers, let go that the problem used to occur not during the operation of this software. In addition, during the previous two repair visits, they never mentioned anything about the Hotspot Shield, and they didn't simply uninstall it. They kept doing format all over again. I rejected to receive the laptop back and asked for refund or replacement.

During that long period, I have been manipulated between the service center and sales department to find a person that can properly represent LG to be able to approve a refund or a replacement. I had to tell my story to lots of people, starting from Mr. Dilip, to his supervisor Mr. Shaji, to their manager Mr. William, to the sales representative Mr. Fayyaz, to his manager Mr. Ali Akbar. All of them claimed that they do not have the authority to approve a repair or a refund after three successive occurrences for the same problem. I have sent lots of emails, and made tens of phone calls, most of which are not even answered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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