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We bought an LG washer and dryer in July 2008. The dryer does not work at all.

It never has. It is impossible to get the technician to come out and fix it. I waited all day for him to come out, and he finally called at 6 pm to say he was too busy and he wasn't going to come out to fix it. So I am left without a dryer for another week.

I am just waiting for the washer to break next. Please, whatever you do don't buy LG washers and dryers.

They are over priced and do not work.

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Sorry to hear about your ordeal, was you dealing with a LG rep? I would most certainly go to trading standards if they won't come and fix it, it's outrageous! Was going through buy a LG Washer Dryer 2 in 1 too!


i have both washer and dryer, the washer stinks and makes my closes smell horrible and just recently the dryer makes noises when in use sounds like a have three pairs of sneakers in them.

i really wish i hadn't bought them.

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