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I bought an LG LED TV(42") about 2 years ago from Best Buy. Every member of my family is experiencing eye problems.(mainly around LED lights......LED headlights look like extremely bright starbursts now) I've researched every possible cause(in terms of our eye problems), but the timing is right on with when we bought the TV......symptoms occurred with our eyes almost immediately......we initially chalked them up as allergies.

Anyone else experienced issues like this with LED backlit TVs? I am very disheartened/sad that every member in my family may have (permanenet) eye damage from a TV! If we were avid TV watchers, I'm guessing we would be blind by now? I would appreciate any and all feedback regarding this 'new breed' of TVs......I am poised to take some serious action very soon.

I need help! Thank you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Tv.

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its mind control from the tv! do you want to march lock step and eat rice and fish heads?

maybe its not to late! put you foot thru the thing and urinate on it for extra insurance, so it dont come back yo life, DO IT NOW!


I'm definitely not a scam artist nor am I sitting too close. This will become a huge issue before long. My eyes are permanently damaged and I've learned to live with it.(kind of)


Standgo: I think you are definately on to something. However, I don't think the problem is just LG TVs.

I, too, began having vision problem around LED lighting after buying a TV with LED backlighting. Mine is a visio. I've also found some research online supporting this. Just Google the subject.

Has anyone spoken with a doctor about this? Please post your info.


You sound like a scam artist to me


Sounds like you may be too close, you should be a minimum of 6' away from a tv that size, preferably further, if in doubt ask a doctor or optician

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