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I have purchased an LG dishwasher(LD2131SH). It started to make a big noise and i had the bearings replaced. A short while later it made the same noise. I called the helpline who said that it is a common problem. When I went to Greenstone they also said it is a common problem and were changing about 20 motors a week. LG has also changed the motor because of a faulty seal that also could not be bought.

I have been told by LG that it is like a factory fault and were replacing the motors under warranty. unfortunately my warranty is over and being a factory fault I have to replce it myself.

I wrote to LG, saying that I had it fixed and would like some sort of compensation, I was then told to book a service home call. Which to me does not make sense, cos the machine is already fixed. I also checked the unhappy/ get back to me button but to date there has been no response from Lg.

I would like a response from LG>

To date, I have had a response from Monica on the 01/06/2012 who could not give me an answer and promised that a manager would contact me..... still waiting

Preggy Naidoo


Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Mine just blew up!

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