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Stay away from LG!

Unfortunately, I am one of the suckers who bought one of the first Maytag Neptune front loaders. After hundereds of dollars spent on repairs and a machine that didn't work, I was insulted with a $300 voucher to purchase other Maytag *** following a long class action suit.

Now I have a two year old LG Tromm washing machine that does not work. I have spent hundred of dollars to fix multiple problems. The door assembly has been replaced, the door gasket has been replaced, a control module has been replaced and it still leaks out the door, it doesn't complete a cycle, it makes loud grinding noises and it repeatedly shuts off in a middle of a load.

The salesman at Best Buy had assured me this was a great machine made by a great company. That's a laugh. The machine is junk and their customer service should be called the anti-customer service. They thanked me for calling and told me they would make sure their factories in China would be told about my concern so they could improve the product.

This time I am not waiting for a class action suit, I am going to my local circuit court to file suit under my state's lemon laws.

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Naperville, Illinois, United States #607182

We bought LG front load washer from Best buy in Bolingbrook for almost $800. Within one weekend, we noticed it was leaking underneath somewhere.

So we stopped using and called Best buy. After making 5-6 lengthy phone calls, we were told it is the installer's fault who is contracted with them. We have to call the installer. Week went by.

They came and inspected saying it is not their fault. It is LG washer which is faulty. In the meantime my basement ceiling and wall are soaked up up with leaking water. Now I have to deal with damagee tiles, wall and ceiling too.

Called best buy they said deal with LG only. After making 20-25 calls and sending 5-6 e-mails,lt took us almost nine months to get the matter resolved.

Got replacement of another washer but that washer stinks from inside. What an aweful experience with LG customer service Never gain buying LG product :(


Our L G top of the line refrig/bottom freezer did not work from day 1 out of the box. The service person arrived after 2 weeks and said it was unrepairable.9 phone calls and 4 months without a refrig.

L G Customer Service (not even)finally agreed to replace it. The good news is that after another 2 weeks I was told it was on back order.

I was able to cancel that order and now have a Whirlpool. L G = Let it GO !!


Hanalei, Hawaii, United States #25894

my email address is q.and.a.4.lg

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Hanalei, Hawaii, United States #25893

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