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After purchasing a 1,500 dollar washer, it broke less then a month after the first wash. I go to wash my clothes, hear a click and it's broken. I unplug it and call LG. LGs customer service is nil. After calling the first time I was told "i need to do this."

I don't have to do anything, you need to fix my product. After arguing with them for a half hour they tell me they will send someone out. They gave me a 4 hour window of when they would show up. I stayed home, and waited and waited. They neglected to tell me that my appt. had been cancled. The second time they send 2 repair tech's out both with a combined i.q. of a rock. They unplugged and plugged the washer into the power. Then looked at me and said, "its' broken."

They ordered a part, came out again and discovered it was the wrong part. My 1,500 dollar washer has been out of commission for a week now. When i call their customer service to find out when they will have the part I end up in an arguing match with the customer service rep. Now, when i call customer service they end up just telling me lies.

I am now washing my clothes in my sink awaiting the tech to bring the correct part and come on the right time. I am ready to dump the washer in front of Best Buy and put a sign on it "free if you can get customer service to repair it." I have contacted my local news in hopes of them helping me.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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