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I bought an LG french door, bottom freezer, stainless steel refrigerator, not cheap. 10 year warranty on compressor 7 years on the closed system (pipes, condenser etc.) 1 year labor.

just short of 3 years old stops cooling... I contact them and they agree my warranty is valid. They give me the name and number for their guy and he diagnoses the problem over the phone talking to me. He says it's the compressor and that is common for these appliances so he will have to call them and get back to me.

(Red Flags) after a week I contact him and he says they have confirmed and he'll get the part ordered and my labor costs will be 280 some dollars. ok so get it. another week i try calling him and he is on vacation??? hmm (More Red Flags) NOW a month has lapsed and I call and express how unhappy I am so they set me up with another approved repair company, they make it out to check it.

They say compressor is fine it has lost it's coolant. So I pay a service call and they have to contact LG, The determination is I have to pay 180 some dollars to put dye in the system to determine if it has a leek???? (Where the *** did the coolant go if it doesn't have a leek) and if they find a leek they will provide the parts. A chemist friend of mine says that chemicals like the dyes would most likely have a sealer in it so if their is a tiny leek (tiny Leeks) it would seal them.

Hence LG is trying to get me to pay to fix their problem. LG's a disreputable company in my book. They are a Korean company trying to rip off the American Consumers. They gamble on messing people around till they give up because on major appliances most people don't have the luxury of being able to wait for repairs and most will just give up and pay for it themselves.

Well I have a spare!!! (My old one) I am not alone in this, check out reviews on their appliances. (I wish I had before buying this junk). So buyer beware!!!

The TPP trade deal bad for American consumers, and companies. Do not buy LG appliances.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: want my product to work they way it should, or Americans to stop doing business with them.

I didn't like: Bad bad bad bad.

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