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In late December 2012, I purchased a LG Microwave on line. It was delivered on Dec. 30th, and installed on Dec 31st. When the factory box was opened, there was a streak on the door, probably from some sort of chemical at the factory which etched the glass. When we plugged the unit in after installation, the internal fan and lite came on, and could not be turned off. I called customer service, and was told that since it was the holidays, it would be 7 to 10 days before they could provide me with the names of repair facilities that I could contact for warranty repairs. After this period of time, no one had called back, so I called them again. I was given the names and numbers of 2 repair companies who when I contacted them said that they did not service the area where I live (Mooresville NC, a Charlotte suburb). Another call, and this time after repeated delays, I was given the name of a local service to call. Of course since it was just after the Holidays, the were behind, and I had to wait even longer. When they did come out, they checked the Microwave and said they had to get parts from LG, a new door, new door switches, and a new circuit board. More days went by, and finally the parts came in, and an appointment was made. All the parts were installed, and when he plugged the unit back in, guess what, the same problem as before. Now we needed a humidity sensor, so more parts ordered. When sensor came in, they returned and removed and disassembled the unit to install the sensor. As I observed the technician making the repairs, I asked him if was going to check the obviously mis connected wire on the top of the oven. After installing the sensor and repairing the wire connection, the unit worked after 30 days of trying to get it fixed. All was well until September 2012, then the unit stopped cooking, no turntable operation, no internal fan, display showed it was coking, but it was not. This time, the technician had to install another door switch assembly, of course it had to be ordered. Now, on December 30, 2012, same symptoms as September. This time the door switch did not fix it, so more parts are on order. The repair technician said that maybe LG would just replace the unit after all these repairs, but no, they just want to try and fix it again. What a joke!! I know that LG has spent MUCH MORE on parts and labor than a new unit would have cost them, but they have refused to replace this unit since day one!! When I have tried to write a review on the LG web site, they reject the review as not 'MEETING THEIR GUIDELINES" When LG sent me an online product survey which they said would take about ten minutes, I answered the first question "WOULD YOU RECCOMEND THIS PRODUCT TO A FRIEND" NO, and the survey abruptly ended. NO WONDER THEIR WEB SITE PRODUCT REVIEWS LOOK SO GOOD, THEY REJECT ALL NEGATIVE REVIEWS. When I discussed this with a customer service advisor and asked a member of LG Management to contact me about this fraudulent practice of rejecting legitimate reviews, I got NO RESPONSE!


DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. While this defective product may be an exception, their extremely POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE is not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Microwave.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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