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i have had the LG Lucid since the summer. Since then my phone has gotten so hot its almost unbearable to touch.

The good people at Verizon said it was nothing and it happens with 4GLTE smart phones. Well after speaking with tech they confirmed its not normal. They sent me a new phone the next day. 5 days later here I am with the same problem.

Verizon suggested I contact LG direct and explain the problem. LG customer service is the worst. First lady I spoke with HAD to have been high or sleeping. Her supervise was just plain nasty.

The only resolution they had was I send them my phone and 2 weeks later they would let me know if something is wrong. Impossible, nowadays no phone for 2 weeks is impossible. Bottom line.

Piece of *** phone, piece of *** customer care. I HATE LG!!!!!

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Have you ever actually recorded the temperature, it is fairly normal for phones to reach about 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the radios suck up watts, as well as the processor, and graphics chip. If it's not physically burning you, and still functioning normally otherwise, why is it a problem?

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