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I bought an LG phone and after two months the phone would not charge. I took it to a Sprint repair store and they took the phone apart and said this was the 3rd phone he saw that day that had the same problem that could not be repaired.

I spent $15 to send the phone into LG and they sent me the same phone back unrepaired and said that it was not covered under warranty because it was not a manufacturer defect. A port that breaks after 2 months of careful use is not a defect?

I am stuck with no cell phone and will never purchase another LG product again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Cell Phone.

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I made the mistake of buying an lg incite. Please don't ever do it!

The phone freezes, you can't make calls. Calls come in and you can't answer them. I have to take the battery out and put it back in to stop that from happening. The screen doesn't turn like it should, you have to wait until it decides to move, that on top of the static that you hear when you try to talk.

The camera is a joke, and when you call to try to get another, its send it in to be repaired. How am I supposed to not have a phone for 2 weeks!

Can you please honor customer loyalty! Life is Good for whom?


This is rediculous!!! My LG phone stopped charging (loose port) while still under 1 year warranty.

At the sprint store I was told to contact LG to fix the phone under warranty. I mailed it in, they held it for two weeks and returned unrepaired. Calling LG and reasoning, pleading, yelling, escalating had no effect.

Called Sprint to complain that their vendor is refusing to honor warranty also produced no effect. Now I am just waiting for my two year contract to expire so that I can get the *** away from Sprint.


LG just stuck it to me on a two week old green Rumor phone. It was never dropped or anything like that but they still denied my warranty request. They should change their name to "LC" for Lost Customer


They want me to mail my phone away for a min. of 14 days!!!

WTF are they never again!

Motorola will replace a phone, no questions asked!!!! :(


:) :cry :? :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :p :x

this is the way how lg works!

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