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Good afternoon,

I just wanted to let you know how disgusted I am with LG Electronics.

I have had an LG Nexus 5 mobile for 15 months when suddenly it developed a fault where it was stuck in bootloop mode. It is a common error with this phone.

As it was under it's 2 year warranty, I decided to contact LG to send it to them. I emailed and they didn't get back to me until 3 days later just to say they had seen my email and would be in touch.

They took 2 whole weeks after my initial contact just to get the jiffy bag (to return the handset) sent out to me which is an unacceptable time frame. 12 days later I received the unrepaired phone back (or rather my parents did) since I am currently working abroad for a short period. Of course in the enclosed letter they stated that the warranty was void due to water damage, despite the fact I haven't been swimming with it, I haven't dropped it in water, it has been exposed to the everyday elements like 100% of other mobile phones.

Perhaps LG were unable to fix the boot loop error, as from looking on the web it is an unfixable issue, so therefore they would have had to pay for a new replacement handset. Of course an easy way out of this is to play the 'water damage' card which is clearly a cop out.

I'm very frustrated and unhappy and I won't ever be buying from LG again.


Chris (uk)

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $350. The author is overall dissatisfied with Lg Electronics. The most disappointing about lg nexus 5 from Lg Electronics was customer care , but reviewer liked product. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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