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I purchased two bluetooth headsets(SGBS0005501 HBM-235) early this year and send them the rebate form with the UPC code. LG Rebate sent me a mail asking for a copy of the receipt.

I sent them the receipt with a copy of my old rebate form.

I called LG rebate numerous times, but they kept on asking for information they already have. Finally, they said it usually takes time to process.After months I have not received the rebate amount.Now when I called them, they said they have all the required information but they can not process the rebate as the promotion time is over.

They said the only thing I can do is call LG corporate. I called them as well, they said they are a different department and have nothing to do with Rebates.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Thanks wdbarnes for the advice. Will do so.


send a letter to your consumer fraud department at your state's attorney general's office stating the facts and copy LG corporate.

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