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Was looking to upgrade my old phone and cell provider was having a sale.So I thought I would give LG a try. Nice looking phone.

Specs seemed ok for what I was looking for at the moment. The problem was the phone comes with so many apps preloaded that they take up most of the memory. Was able to uninstall a few, but can only delete data on others NOT uninstall so the memory is not freed up. Now if I try to add an app, all I see is low memory, install failed.Even worse is, if u want to update an app, you can't because you don't have enough memory or you have to delete an app you added so you can update an old one.Even moving the app to SD card is no help.

:-( Totally disappointed. Will never recommend or buy an LG phone again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lg Electronics Cell Phone.

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Samsung is no better


So which phone did you have? The new LG Ultimate 2 has 8 GB with maybe 4.8 available, so I am told, which is an improvement from the 4 GB with maybe .8 free. Which phone are you reviewing?

to Jerr Corona, New York, United States #925334

Headline says Optimus F6

Morrow, Georgia, United States #923971

My galaxy 4 has 1/3 of my total memory full of bloatware. I have used an app in the past that told me which ones could be uninstalled.

I wouldn't know on my own. When I removed the Google books then I wasn't able to play the Bible which was an app of choice. However from my experience after removing updates then I had to force stop. It always warns it may cause other apps to misbehave and it does.

I didn't know about rooting until I read the other comment. IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE OWNERS CHOICE AS TO WHAT WE PUT ON OUR PHONES.

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #869098

most phones are like this. you gotta be extra careful these days.

don't fall for the highlighted or noted features as many people get suckered in by them and don't bother to realize that a good portion of the memory is eaten up by the preloaded apps.

I suggest buying one and getting it rooted so you can have full control over it. that's what I plan to do on my next upgrade.

so much memory + space is taken up by ***/bloatware that it makes your head spin. Ive seen unlocked/rooted phones with so much free space/memory that it too makes your head spin realizing how much space these companies waste putting the programs on the phones in the first place.

Chicopee, Massachusetts, United States #833129

totally agree , i change my LG motion for an offert now i waned back.

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